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About Us

Mac's Berry Farm has been locally owned and operated by Don, Lynn and Brian McIlquham since 1987. 
We have 8 acres of both u-pick strawberries, pea pods and rhubarb available during our season which typically runs for 3 weeks from mid-June to July. (Specific hours and days are listed on the home page during the season.) 
We love to have first-time pickers visit us. We offer group tours for all ages and enjoy helping to educate our youth about growing produce. 

FarMACee Homemade Products (updated 06/10/2018)
This is a list of all the products we currently offer:

Bath Bombs, $2.50
  • Cold & Flu, Detox, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lilacs & Lilies, Mint, Pain Relief, Patchouli, Sage & Sandalwood, Sensual, Stress Relief, Sunshine
Bath Bomb, Cupcake, 5 ounces, $5
Breath Sprays, $4
  • Cinnamon, Mint
Chest Rub, $4, safe for all ages
Deodorant, $8
  • Odorless, Earth & Wood, Fresh, Sunshine, Lavender/Bergamot/Geranium
  • Lemongrass/Citronella, Lemongrass/Lavender, Patchouli (These help repel ticks)
Essential Oils, Focus Blend, 15 ml, Protective Blend, 15 ml, (comparable to Thieves/OnGuard), $20
Eye Puffiness & Dark Circles Cream, $6
Face Wash/Astringent, $6
Hand Sanitizer, Spray Purse Size, $2.50
  • Citrus, Germ Guard
Lip Balm, 5 ml, $3
  • Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Citrus, Cocoa,  Mint, Root Beer, Strawberry
Lotion, Smaller Sample Containers, $6, 1 Cup Containers, $20
  • Anti-Aging Face & Hand Moisturizer
  • Cancer Relief & Recovery
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Relief (arthritis, headache, muscles, pain)
Lotion Bars, $6
  • Blackberry, Cherry Bliss, Cocoa Butter, Fresh,  Lavender, Lilacs & Lilies, Rose Garden
Nasal Inhalers, $3
  • Breathe Easy (for allergies/asthma), Cold & Flu (for colds/illness), Energy Booster, Focus, Headache, Nausea, Smoking Cessation
Perfume, 2 ounce Spray, $8
  • Peaceful (similar to Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue), Balance, Love, Uplift
Perfume Rollerballs, 10 ml, $10
  • Balance, Lavender, Love, Patchouli, Peaceful (similar to Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue), Uplift, Earth & Wood for Men
Rollerballs, 10 ml, $10
  • Acne, Afterbite, Anxiety, Eye Puffiness & Dark Circles, Focus Clarity, Hormone Helper, Immune Booster, Relief (for any pain), Sleep Well
Sprays, (Body Spray and Air Fresheners)
          2 ounces, $6
  • Fresh, Lavender, Lemongrass, Magnesium, Mint, Patchouli, Pine
           2 ounces, $9
  •  Rose, Autumn Harvest – Seasonal
Sprays, Toilet Spray “My Shit Don’t Stink”, 2 ounces, $6
  • Blackberry, Cherry Bliss, Cinnamon Spice, Dragon’s Blood, Lilacs & Lilies, Rose Garden, Uplift, Woodsy
Sprays and Solid, Bug Repellent $10                                      
  • Non-Chemical Bug Spray, 8 ounces (helps to repel ticks, bugs, gnats, etc)
  • Solid Bug Repellent
Sugar & Salt Scrubs, $10
  • Blackberry, Cherry Bliss, Fresh,  Lavender, Lilacs & Lilies, Rose Garden
We’ll personalize labels for products and will ship anywhere!
Also MANY other items and special scents upon request. 
Call 715-568-5526 or 715-829-2557.